Testimonial: "The ease of maintenance was the deciding factor"



For our customer Christoph Cordes, a client of our dealer LGRain, there are two main reasons he's completely satisfied with our Spirit 6100:

  • the ease of maintenance
  • the ease with which he can adjust the speed of the webs, allowing him to harvest qualitatively on all kinds of soil


Watch his full argumentation here!

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Good afternoon, Mr Cordes. You have an AVR Spirit 6100, what made you decide to choose this machine?

We were looking into purchasing a new machine. Of course, there are several brands on the market. We actually thought of getting an AVR because someone in the neighbouring village got one. And then I thought, we could try one of those. We came across LGRain and they really helped us well and during another Potato Europe, we saw the machine for the first time in the field. After that, it didn't take us long to buy the Spirit. One of the deciding factors was the ease of maintenance. You can easily get to the bearings and webs and also to the rollers if there is a stone in them. In terms of price, they are all in the same segment so that was not the most important factor. So we said, let's go with the green one!


Are you satisfied with the quality of the harvested potatoes? You mainly produce table potatoes.

We mainly produce table potatoes for direct sale. It is important for us that we can harvest on sandy soil but also on heavier soils. It is therefore important for us to be able to adjust the web speeds easily. The sieving webs can rotate so slowly, the first web can rotate slower than the driving speed. And then you don't need to bring so much soil into the machine, as I have heard with other machines.


So your potatoes are definitely gently harvested. Are you satisfied when it comes to maintenance friendliness, service?

Yes, definitely. The bearings are all industrial sizes. I'm maybe not supposed to say that out loud, but the parts are available everywhere. You can get such bearings and chains everywhere, and other parts too.


The maintenance costs of this machine. On a yearly basis, that's not a problem?

Not at all, every agricultural machinery dealer will be annoyed, but we don't need any parts.


So to conlude, a machine that fits your company’s needs?

Yes, a machine that we don't want to exchange for another one just yet, although it is already 7 or 8 years old. This one has run without any problems so far.