AVR: production continues #CrucialSector


It is not easy to keep working, to keep producing during these challenging times. However, the crucial sectors, such as the agricultural sector and its suppliers, need to take their responsibility and keep working.

Thanks to them, our #foodheroes, the food supply chain will not be interrupted. Thanks to them, AVR is still able to produce and deliver machines as planned and farmers are receiving their planting, harvesting, crop handling machines in time.

The spaciousness of our infrastructure allows us to continue producing machines in safe conditions. Furthermore, hygiene and social distancing measures are being strictly followed in order to protect our employees, dealers and customers as much as possible.

Commitment is one of our core values, as is reliability. You can therefore rely on us to fulfil our agreements to the best of our ability.

We wish you good luck and good health!

Stefan Top,

Managing Director AVR