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About AVR

AVR | Passion. Power. Potatoes.


What is your objective as a professional farmer? To get as many marketable potatoes, or other bulbous and tuberous crops, into storage in the most efficient and sustainable way possible. Your loyal right-hand partner AVR can assist you with that. You can rely on our expert advice, and on our complete range of machinery – at every stage of the potato production:

  • soil cultivation
  • planting and ridging
  • haulm topping
  • harvesting
  • crop handling and storage

Your potatoes? That is our passion. We design user-friendly machinery and high tech 3D systems for you. You select the assembly until the machinery meets your requirements. Low maintenance costs, long service life and optimum performance; those are the typical features of your AVR machine. All machines are entirely manufactured in-house.



AVR’s mission is to help its customers store a higher percentage of sellable crops with less input. Reliability, steadfastness, commitment and respect are key values in achieving that goal.

Know-how and expertise for excellent products


1849: Peter Vansteenkiste starts producing hand tools for agriculture from a small forge in Roeselare. Around the year 1970, after having gone through various stages of development, the company finally grows into a potato harvester manufacturer. The engineer Norbert Nollet is one of the new staff to subsequently join the company. Upon his initiative, the company takes potato harvester design to a higher level: from single to double row harvesters, and then to four-row harvesters. This step turns out to be a huge success, and in 1973 Norbert takes over the company and names it AVR after the founder's son Alfons Vansteenkiste from Roeselare.

The AVR Machinery Division is temporarily taken over by the Dutch company Netagco BV, but in 2003 AVR buys back the operation. The ‘hand tools’ division is sold under the name of AVR Tools. AVR now has full control over the entire machine manufacturing operation, leaded by Managing Director Stefan Top. Consequently, we are the most experienced company in this industry. That is our guarantee for far-reaching know-how and expertise!

For the ultimate in potato cultivation, please contact us.