AVR targets the used market with their new brand AVR Green Select


To actively take charge of its products on the used market, AVR is launching a dedicated team and accompanying brand: AVR Green Select.

“The used market is a full-fledged market in its own right that deserves the same level of commitment. On the used market you can offer solutions for every budget and situation and give a new lease of life to older machines that are still perfectly capable of performing the tasks for which they were designed.“

Maarten De Smet, AVR Sales & Marketing Director


AVR Green Select

This team is headed by Stein Rommelaere, whose knowledge of what a used machine has to offer is second to none thanks to his long years of experience in the AVR service department.

“Quality retains its value, even as a used machine. That is the goal of AVR Green Select: offer quality at an attractive price.”

To guarantee that quality an AVR Green Select machine is first inspected upon purchase and then fine-tuned by our own specialised technicians. Moreover, buyers of a used machine benefit from an AVR warranty and support with the start-up of their machine or when they need advice regarding spare parts.

"In short, thanks to AVR Green Select you have access to the same AVR service and quality as when you buy a new machine”, Stein concludes.

Stein Rommelaere, AVR Green Select Manager.

AVR Green Select Days
To put the launch of the AVR Green Select brand in the spotlight, AVR is organising the very first AVR Green Select Days on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 July.
During this opening weekend potential customers can discover the range of used machines, take a look in the workshop where the machines are overhauled and, naturally, catch up over refreshments. In fact, on Saturday a DJ will set the stage for an entertaining evening in the AVR Summer Lounge. Don’t miss out!
Attendees are requested to register (and thereby benefit from complimentary catering in the AVR Summer Lounge): https://forms.office.com/e/bpjWmviAcs



AVR Finance offers investment possibilities

Entrepreneurship requires investments. Serious investments. And a challenging market demands more than classic methods alone.

That is why AVR will henceforth offer leasing formulas. This will enable customers to keep making targeted investments without sacrificing flexibility. AVR offers a choice between financial leasing and operational leasing - on new and used machines: perfect timing for the upcoming AVR Green Select Days!

More details: https://avr-actions.com/en/avr-finance