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AVR Falcon 1800 receiving hopper for medium-sized agricultural holdings


We developed a new Falcon receiving hopper for export markets and medium-sized farms: the AVR Falcon 1800. With its 4-meter long bunker bottom and 1.85 meters wide roller set, the Falcon 1800 is the smaller version of the Falcon 24-45 and 24-60. Unique in the receiving hoppers segment is the option to choose for an additional pre-grader roller set.

In terms of capacity, the receiving hopper can easily control the capacity of a 2-row trailed harvester. In addition, the machine is designed so that it can be transported in a standard truck trailer or in a container.


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High screening capacity 

Unique in the receiving hoppers segment is the option to choose for an additional pre-grader roller set. With this second roller set, different products can be sorted in size during storage or processing. The distance between the rollers is adjustable from 20 mm to 65 mm.

The soft PU-spiral cleaning rollers are not only product-friendly but also very good at cleaning. The spiral shape and the infinitely variable even and odd rollers contribute to a very high cleaning capacity of the Falcon 1800 receiving hopper. The distance between the cleaning rollers is hydraulically adjustable from 5 mm to 45 mm.

The drop height from bunker bottom to roll set is adjustable in combination with the angle of the roller set. If intensive cleaning is required, a higher drop height can be created by flattening the roller set.


Extremely gentle handling of your crop

  • The incised filling rubber and the double entry rubbers ensure a good connection between the tipper and the receiving hopper, which prevents product from spilling out.
  • Solid side walls are mounted to the left and right of the bunker floor, to ensure a large buffer volume.
  • The PU-spiral cleaning rollers are made of polymer and are extremely gentle with your crop.
  • The conveyor belts quickly remove the cleaned product and can optionally be equipped with extra fall breaker fingers on the outlet side, so that drop heights are reduced.

Strong bunker floor
Solid bunker floor structure is composed of a cloth floor mounted on heavy duty chains. The bunker is hydraulically driven by a hydro motor mounted on a reduction gear unit. The floor speed is continuously adjustable from 0.5 to 6.5 metres per minute.


Technical data

  • Entry width: 3,18 m
  • Floor length: 4,00 m
  • Capacity: Ca. 80 t/h
  • Floor speed: 0,5-6,5 m/min
  • Width of roller set: 1,85 m
  • Number of rollers: 6
  • Roller distance cleaning: 5-45 mm
  • Standard transport belts: 3,00x0,65 m
  • Volume bunker floor: 10,90 m³


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