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Back to Basics with the latest Spirit 5200


The next Agritechnica trade fair will see the launch of the latest 2-row potato harvester made by potato machine manufacturer AVR: the AVR Spirit 5200. In these times of smart farming, this is a machine that is built as a simple but efficient harvester for farmers who like to get value for money. Its drive has deliberately been designed to be uncomplicated, and the sieving and pintle webs are mechanically driven. During the design process of this latest offspring of the Spirit family, the main focus has been on qualities such as solid construction and reliability. This machine is ideal for farmers looking for an efficient haulm separation system!

Strong and Easy

The Spirit 5200 is the latest addition to the range and it stays true to AVR’s basic principles for efficient potato harvesting: a machine of solid construction that ensures potato-friendly harvesting. The machine is user-friendly and extremely solidly built to keep servicing costs down to an absolute minimum, and to enable the user to continue harvesting at all times.

The Spirit 5200 has been designed with export in mind, but meets all the requirements for use throughout Europe. The hydraulic level setting, automatic row tracking, and the wheel steering with reset function are all standard features.

Potato-friendly Harvesting Process

The driver can easily keep an eye on the harvesting process as it is an offset harvester. The command is user-friendly and intuitive while using the can-bus joystick and the organised screen.

The first sieving process is performed by a long digger web equipped with dual star-shaped agitation sprockets. The potato-friendly haulm web then separates the haulm from the weeds. Haulm topping has become superfluous. The 4-row haulm roller above the haulm web keeps even the last potatoes within the confines of the machine.

The upright spintle web fitted with extra haulm tines removes any haulm residue from the product flow. The haulm tines in the U-profile further improve the forward movement. The upright pintle web also has an enormous soil processing capacity.

The padded sieving web ensures a potato-friendly transfer towards the transverse pintle web equipped with haulm rollers, which guides the potatoes towards the picking table. The latter provides plenty of space for four people to perform one last inspection.

Low Pressure on the Soil, Ideal for Difficult Harvesting Conditions

Offset harvesting means that the tractor does not need to be equipped with row crop tyres. The tractor can continue to run on wide tread tyres. This is a great advantage when harvesting in difficult conditions, and it also helps to protect the soil! The tractor wheels do not form any clods or compact the soil during the harvesting process.

The Spirit 5200 is fitted with large 650/65R30.5 radial tyres ensuring low pressure on the soil and making the machine easy to tow.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 10.41 x 3.30 x 3.80 m
  • Distance between rows: 75 - 90 cm
  • Bunker capacity: approx. 6 tonnes
  • Weight: 8,500 kg
  • Discharge height: 4.0 m
  • Power required (approx.): 66 kW /90 HP

Practical Information

The AVR Spirit 5200 will be introduced to the general public for the very first time at the Agritechnica trade fair in Hannover on the AVR stand in hall 24. Trade fair dates: 12-18 November 2017.