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Spirit 6100

Spirit 6100



The Spirit 6100 is a 1-row offset potato harvester equipped with a six ton bunker. This smallest member of the Spirit family has everything you need for a quality harvest.

Over the years, the Spirit series has built a strong reputation for potato-friendliness and capacity. The Spirit 6100’s unique harvesting and separation system provides a very potato-friendly harvesting process - it’s all about your precious potato. AVR has therefore developed a smooth product flow with minimal drop heights, as few directional changes as possible and a flat picking-off table. These features make it the ideal machine for harvesting early potatoes for the retail market. The 6-ton bunker and wide channel also ensure ample capacity.

Single row, large capacity

The Spirit 6100 is a single row bunker potato harvester with a large capacity.  It can transport 6,000 kg in combination with the bunker optimizer. This substantially increases the capacity of the machine, since less time is spent discharging. 

Easy operation with CAN-bus

The machine is driven by a CAN-bus system, like our trailed 2-row harvesters and our self-propelled harvesters. With this CAN-bus system the machine can be operated with a joystick and via an operating screen, to make adjustments. Some control functions can be added, as well as a self-diagnostic. As such, maintenance gets easier.

Specification item Technical details

Spirit 6100
Rows 1
Inter row distance (cm) 75 or 90
Dimensions (l x w x h in m) 8.82 x 3.00 x 3.70
Weight (kg) 6.500
Bunker capacity (tons) 6
Maximum discharge height (m) 4.10
Required power (hp) 66 kW / 90 hp
Drive Mechanic
Offset/in-line Offset
Oil flow (on 180 bar) (l/min) 60
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