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Soil cultivators


The perfect preparation for a profitable harvest

A good start is the perfect base for an excellent end result. A good soil preparation leads to optimal growth conditions and a good, high-quality product. In short: the AVR GE-Force is an investment that reimburses itself by maximizing your profits.

The GE-Force is designed for use with high-powered tractors. The center gearboxes are able to manage 250 to 380 hp of power.

Robust drive line

The GE-Force is equipped with a simple one speed gearbox that directly transmits the incoming torque to the side drive. The standard gearbox can handle up to 250 hp of power. A 380 hp gearbox is also available as an optional extra; in addition a 3 speed gearbox is also available which offers greater flexibility with the rotor speeds for use in varied soil types. Since the rpm is only reduced in side drive, the forces that act on the intermediate shafts and bearings are limited, leading to far less component wear and tear.

As more and more horsepower is available on tractors in the market, allowing large working widths, a Heavy Duty drive (up to 500 hp) has also been developed for the foldable cultivators. This is definitely recommended for full-field cultivators in heavy soil. This version is also equipped with an oil cooler so you can keep going in any conditions.

Specification item Strengths

Specification item Models

HD - fixed frame 4x75 HD - fixed frame 4x80 HD - fixed frame 4x85 HD - fixed frame 4x90 HD - fixed frame 6x75 DD HD - foldable 6x90 HD - foldable 8x75
Working width interrow cultivator 3088 3348 3348 3800 4500 5400 6088
Number of tines interrow cultivator 72 84 84 84 104 124 124
Working width full field 3088 3348 3548 3800 4500
Number of tines full field 128 136 136 164 232
Weight (kg) 1,650 1,750 1,850 2,000 2,500 2,750 3,800
Required kW/hp (min.) interrow cultivator 66/90 88/120 88/120 88/120 102/140 115/160 115/160
Required kW/hp (min.) full field 90/120 100/130 110/150 110/150 115/160
Specification item Standard equipment

Specification item Options

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Soil cultivators