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Puma 4.0

Puma 4.0



Meet the world leader in the 4-row self-propelled harvester range: the Puma 4.0.

You can confidently rely on AVR's latest self-propelled harvester to help meet your current farming challenges. This heavy-duty, reliable and user-friendly machine will process up to 100 tonnes of potatoes per hour with all the correct settings. Even in wet weather conditions, this gentle giant will soldier on. Your Puma can now also be connected to the web. This will enable you to capture your machine data on the new AVR Connect platform to work even more efficiently after an initial assessment.

Ensure an optimal use of your Puma 4.0! In an instant, the digging unit can be converted for harvesting carrots or picking up onions.

AVR Connect: next-level harvesting

Optionally, this machine can be connected to the internet which allows for machine data to be transmitted to AVR Connect.

AVR Connect is an online reporting tool for your machine activities, and an online collection system for all your machine data, both on and off the field.

AVR Connect offers you more data and consequently a more effective use of your machine and resources.

  • Applying precision farming techniques makes your work more efficient, leading to lower costs.
  • Statistics provide insight into improvement opportunities.
  • Easy access using your e-mail address and password.
  • Personal, safe and user-friendly platform.

Feel free to ask your dealer or AVR contact person for more information.

Specification item Technical Specifications

Puma 4
Rows 4
Inter row distance (cm) 75 or 90
Dimensions (l x w x h in m) 15.45 x 3.50 x 4.0
Weight (kg) 23.500
Bunker capacity (tons) 8
Maximum discharge height -
Power (hp) 469
Drive Hydraulic
Offset/in-line -
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Specification item Webs

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