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Stone & clod separators

Stone & clod separators

Crop handling


Using the AVR CSKS is a simple yet very efficient method for mechanically separating stones and clods.The large, adjustable separating roller has been specifically constructed to create a maximum rebound difference between potatoes and stones/clods, which results in an extremely effective separation.





The machines use special separating rollers to separate the potatoes from the stones and clods. The transported product (including stones and clods) lands on a rotating roller. Thanks to their elasticity, the potatoes jump over the adjustable separation plate, while the clods and stones drop in front of this plate, providing a clean product.

All of our crop handling and storage equipment is manufactured in our production facility in Veendam (The Netherlands). Click here for a look behind the scenes.

Specification item Strengths

Specification item Models

CSKS 800 CSKS 1600 CSKS 2000
Roller width (m) 0.80 1.60 2.00
Product cross conveyor (m) n.a. 3.00 x 0.60 3.00 x 0.60
Soil cross conveyor n.a. 3.00 x 0.40 3.00 x 0.40
Weight (kg) +/- 600 +/- 1,500 +/- 1,700
Capacity (t/h) ca. 8 t/hr ca. 18 t/hr ca. 22 t/hr
Specification item Standard equipment

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