Anti-erosion option for AVR Ceres Potato Planters at Interpom


Improvement, optimisation and innovation. That is what we are all about. We are constantly setting ourself new challenges by thoroughly re-assessing and innovating its existing technology. According to the Sales & Marketing Director, Stefaan Dierickx: “That is the only way to remain a world-class tech company.” In addition to the brand-new Lynx potato harvester, we exhibited also our latest state-of-the-art anti-erosion system at the Interpom trade fair.


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Newest anti-erosion system


For the upcoming potato planting season, all AVR Ceres potato planters with a hopper capacity of up to 3,500 kg (4x75 cm) or 4,000 kg (4x90 cm) can now be equipped with the state-of-the-art AVR anti-erosion system. The potato ridger consists of a hydraulically driven axle with small rollers that move metal scoops up and down one after the other. This creates little mounds of earth between the ridges, the purpose of which is to prevent water and earth erosion on sloping fields. The scoops are equipped with spring tines to exert pressure on the scoops so that the latter can retract to prevent the equipment from being damaged by stones. The speed, spring pressure and height of the scoops can all be adjusted. The entire system can be moved upwards and downwards by means of mechanical spindles (for correct height setting and storage purposes).

The potato ridger is also compatible with the AVR GE-Force.


The Lynx trailed potato harvester ensures comfortable and high-quality potato harvesting


The AVR Lynx trailed potato harvester is a truly unique piece of machinery on the market. With this dual-row, hydraulically driven potato harvester, harvesting can be performed both in-line as well as offset. There are also 3 types of Varioweb cleaning modules available: pintle belt, pintle belt/cross roller or pintle belt/axial rollers.

The purpose of the automatic eccentric agitators on the sieving web is to improve the quality of the harvest. The machine itself determines the intensity of the sieving depending on the increasing or decreasing pressure in the hydraulic circuit of the sieving web drive.

For the occasion, the AVR Lynx was wrapped in a unique coating.


333th Puma at the Interpom stand…

At our stand, we also exhibited other more recent models:

  • The GE-Force cultivator,
  • The Combi machine equipped with a basic frame to attach 3 different applications; potato ridger, or weeder for potato and/or carrot growing
  • The Ceres 450 (hydraulic version) with GE-Force C and anti-erosion system
  • The self-propelled Puma 3 with ACC (All Condition Control) harvesting blade (the 333th machine!),
  • The AVR Lynx equipped with Varioweb cleaning module
  • The AVR Spirit 5200, the most up-to-date mechanically driven harvester
  • The AVR Falcon 24-45 discharge bunker with dual roller set
  • The AVR Cobra store loader with supply belt option
  • The AVR CSKS stone and clod separator

Meaning that no less than 5 new AVR machines have been produced and released in only 1,5 years’ time.



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