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Four new machines released in one years’ time


AVR at Agritechnica: Four new machines released in one years’ time

Ceres 450 with GE-Force Compact, Spirit 5200, Cobra, Falcon, new option ACC in front-end Puma 3… the AVR stand at Agritechnica shows a completely new product range. In approximately one years’ time the manufacturer launched no less than 4 brand new machines and a long list of new options.

Ceres 450 with GE-Force Compact

The Ceres 450 is a 4-row trailed potato planter with a hopper capacity of up to 3,500 kg (4x75 cm) or 4,000 kg (4x90 cm). You can opt for the narrow top ridging hood with round sides or a wide top hood.

The Ceres 450 can be combined with tilling equipment, such as the specially designed AVR GE-Force C ridge cultivator.

Affordable harvesting with Spirit 5200

The Spirit 5200 is a machine of solid construction that ensures potato-friendly harvesting. Its drive has deliberately been designed to be uncomplicated, and the sieving and pintle webs are mechanically driven.

The machine is user-friendly and extremely solidly built to keep servicing costs down to an absolute minimum, and to enable the user to continue harvesting at all times.

Crop handling with the AVR Cobra…

The Cobra is a store loader with a length of 15, 17 or 19 metres and a belt width of 80 cm. Strengths are the 100% soft treatment, a unique belt speed (32 to 126 m/min) and double drive (17-19m). The Feed Belt option comes in very handy to keep the distance between the duo belt and the storage loader constant.

…and Falcon

The Falcon is the new receiving hopper with a 2.4 m working width on the roller set and a length of 4.5 or 6 metres. Drop heights are kept to a minimum (very potato friendly), a unique bottom speed from 0.5 (0.2 option) to 6.5 m/min and the choice of PU-spiral, steel spiral, smooth or diabolo rollers. With the Speedclean option the PU-rollers clean themselves because of the enormous rotation speed.

ACC front-end on Puma 3

When you´re dealing with wet clay soil, for example, instead of the normal front-end you can opt for the All Conditions Control (ACC). This front-end enables you to dig up the potatoes without putting the slightest pressure on the ridges. The diabolos do remain mounted in the front-end, however, in order to ensure good insertion in dry conditions.

The ACC front-end is a single broad front-end, with 8 large (900 mm) driven disks. The depth is adjusted by two corner sensors, which monitor the movement of two skids.

Present as well on the AVR stand is the folding GE-Force. With a span width up to 6 m, it processes large surface areas in a single movement. The AVR Combi machine combines three functions in one frame: Ecoridger, Speedridger, Weeder. A durable and ecological investment! Next to the Ceres 450 planting machine is there also the smaller UH3710. A robust two-row cup planter. As regards to the crop handling, the CSKS stone and clod separator has multiple times proven its efficiency in the field.

Practical Information          

The all new range will be presented at the Agritechnica trade fair in Hannover on the AVR stand in hall 24. Trade fair dates: 12-18 November 2017.