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Spirit 6200

Spirit 6200



AVR makes 2-row harvesting affordable

The AVR Spirit 6200 2-row offset bunker harvester offers you exactly what you need: a compact machine that demands little power, is extremely potato friendly and has a high harvesting capacity.



Reliable capacity

This compact 2-row Spirit 6200 offset bunker harvester is highly reliable because of its simple design, and performs spectacularly at the same time. The sophisticated soil separation immediately commences on the digging and sieving web. Subsequently, the efficient haulm web separates the haulm from the tubers, and an in-line pintlebelt removes any remaining loose soil and haulm from the product flow.

A 3-row rotary comb removes stones and clumps from the flow. The flat picking-off table serves as an ergonomic work surface for conducting a final visual inspection. The product flow is then led to the spacious bunker. Once the bunker is full, it can be emptied in under a minute using the quick unloading floor.

Specification item Technical details

Spirit 6200
Rows 2
Inter row distance (cm) 75 or 90
Dimensions (l x w x h in m) 9.83 x 3.30 x 3.80
Weight (kg) 8.370
Bunker capacity (tons) 6
Maximum discharge height 4.20
Required power (hp) 66 kW / 90 hp
Drive Mechanic
Offset/in-line Offset
Oil flow (on 180 bar) (l/min) 60 (75 if WB option)
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