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Ceres mounted planters

Ceres mounted planters

Potato planters


Perfect bed preparation & ridging

AVR Ceres, are well known to be extremely reliable, precise and robust! The planting machine range consists of 2 to 4-row trailed planters. The cup planters are available with mechanic or hydraulic drive. A fertilizer tank can be fitted as an option. No matter your planting needs, AVR is sure to offer you the optimal solution.

The ceres planter can be combined with a Multivator front cultivator and/or a Compact rear mounted cultivator to assure seed bed preparation and planing in one go.

Ceres 400, accurate planting in less than no time

From start to finish, the Ceres series of planters was designed and produced in-house by the AVR team. Typical features include reliability, precision, user-friendliness and a perfect ridge formation.

The planting element is a model of precision and reliability. Two times 20 cups mounted on the cup belt ensure a continuous precision at high planting speeds. Also at higher driving speeds, the planter operates relatively calmly. The large upper drum ensures stillness at the top side, the small top roller at the bottom side, and the slightly tilted position of the planting element guarantees an accurate placement (also on inclines).

Ceres 440

The AVR Ceres 440 is based on the Ceres 400. It’s a four-row mounted planter that is both available as a hydraulic and mechanical version.

With the Ceres 440, AVR purposefully opts for ISOBUS control and a row-independent hydraulic drive. A wide bunker ensures smooth loading.

Ceres 200M

The Ceres 200M is a mechanically driven, two-row mounted planter.

The planting system is based on the same principle as used in the Ceres line, but in this machine it has been reduced to its simplest form. Available options are lighting, two types of fixed bunkers (750 kg and 1,300 kg), electrical agitators in the cup belt, a ridging hood and a fertilizer unit.

AVR Ceres 200H

The Ceres 200H is a two-row planter equipped with nearly all features its larger siblings have to offer.

If you are restricted to two-row planting after destoning, all functionalities of the four-row machines can be reduced to a two-row width. Like the M version, the Ceres 200H is two-row mounted planter, but in this case, the machine is driven fully hydraulically and comes with a comprehensive technology package and a larger bunker. This machine is designed for planting in preconstructed beds, i.e. mainly for situations where the soil is “destoned”.

Specification item Strengths

Specification item Models

Ceres 400 Ceres 440 Ceres 200H Ceres 200M
Number of rows 4 4 2 2
Bunker capacity (kg) 1.300-1.500 (optional) 1.500 1.300 600
Hydraulic tipping bunker capacity 1.900 - 2.100 1.900 (4x75) 2.000 (2x75) -
Drive Mechanical or hydraulic Mechanical or hydraulic Hydraulic Mechanical chain drive
Inter row distance 4x75 - 4x80 - 4x85 - 4x90 4x75 - 4x80 - 4x85 - 4x90 2x70 - 2x75 - 2x80 - 2x85 - 2x90 2x70 - 2x75 - 2x80 - 2x85 - 2x90
Plant protect options Granulate applicator - powder applicator - spaying kit Granular applicator - powdering unit - spray kits Granular applicator - powdering unit - spray kits Granular applicator - powdering unit - spray kits
Specification item Standard equipment

Specification item Options

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