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Ceres trailed planters

Ceres trailed planters

Potato planters


When planting potatoes, the main advantage of a trailed machine besides the weight distribution is the fact that the user can also combine the machine with tilling equipment, such as the specially designed AVR GE-Force C ridge cultivator, the basic AVR GE-Force and with other brands.

Your tractor also needs less lifting power!


AVR Ceres 450

The Ceres 450 is a highly intelligent 4-row trailed planter. It owes this to its numerous automatic functions and a hydraulic motor per row, which makes flexible planting distances and row-independent planting possible. On top of that, a spacious bunker and a very precise planting element guarantee a high-quality, high-capacity planting process. When choosing the Ceres 450, you choose a machine with a high level of operator comfort that allows you to optimally use your time and resources.

Robust frame with precise depth control

The double-hinged parallelogram suspension of the furrow plough enables perfect vertical depth control – without having to adjust the planter’s base frame. The running wheels guide the furrow plough across the field and, in doing so, guarantee an ideal planting depth at all times. These wheels can be equipped with a spindle adjustment mechanism for easy adjustment of the planting depth from the side of the machine. Different models of the furrow plough are available for stony soils, bed cultivation or preformed ridges. For the harshest conditions, the planter can be equipped with a Heavy Duty furrow plough. In that case, each of the furrow ploughs is protected by a “stone security” option.

4 ton bunker

Thanks to the spacious tipping bunker (with a 3.5 ton capacity for 4x75 models and 4 tons for 4x90), you can plant large quantities in one go and save a lot of time.

Regulating the supply of seed potatoes towards the planting channel is extremely important while planting. The automatic bunker of the Ceres 450 regulates the seed potato supply fully autonomously, making sure you never run out of seed potatoes and do not lose any time.


Click here to watch the Ceres 450 on the field.

Highly precise and reliable machine

The Ceres 450 is a highly precise and reliable machine: thanks to a sophisticated furrow plough and an extremely precise planting element, it can plant very accurately at the set planting distance and depth.


Precise planting distance

The design of the planting element guarantees a precise planting distance. The planting element is tilted slightly forward, making sure the potato is always ready to be deposited. At the bottom, the planting element is slightly rotated and the drop height is minimal, ensuring a fast and precise placement of the potato (even on sloping terrains). The planting distance can be set directly from the screen. The hydraulic drive of the planting element then deposits the seed potatoes at the set distance.

Row-independent planting element drive

Each planting channel row is equipped with its own hydraulic motor. This means that each row of the planting channel can be controlled separately, which offers two major advantages:

  • First of all, it allows the operator to use a reliable, fast and low-maintenance row-stop system. This is very useful when planting headlands and using spray tracks. All this can also be controlled fully automatically via GPS.
  • Secondly, a hydraulic motor per row allows for a variable planting distance. For example, you can choose to plant the rows in the spray track and the working passages next to it more closely.

Perfect seed potato collection

  • The moving bunker floor smoothly transports the seed potatoes to the planting element. An adjustable hatch makes sure that the right amount of potatoes is transported from the bunker to the planting element.
  • The right cup for every type of seed potatoes! We offer two types of standard cups (30-60 mm and 40-80 mm), each of which can be further reduced using the respective reducing cups meant for even smaller seed potatoes (25-40 mm or 28-45 mm).
  • The agitation function of the planting channel and two mechanical separators at the top and bottom of the channel ensure that only one seed potato is deposited per cup.

Default cups

  • Type 1 | 30-60 mm (green)
  • Type 2 | 40-80 mm (yellow)

Reducing cups

  • Type 1 | 25-40 mm (dark green)
  • Type 2 | 28-45 mm (blue)
  • Type 3 | 45-55 mm for rounder shapes (orange)



ISOBUS connection

The ISOBUS gateway guarantees a quick and easy connection to any tractor (provided it has the necessary equipment). This allows for section control per row, an option that guarantees you are always sure the planting element will start and stop at the right time.

Spray tracks

To facilitate crop management, GPS-controlled spray track tracers are automatically lowered into the respective rows. Moreover, the planter will automatically stop the supply of seed potatoes in these rows.

PDC system

Thanks to the PDC system (Proportional Distance Control), the intake of soil into the ridging hood is automatically monitored and controlled to guarantee optimally shaped ridges.


The Ceres 450 can be equipped with up to 4 cameras. This way, you always have an ideal overview of the machine.

Sloping terrains

The Ceres 450 performs equally well on sloping terrains as on flat fields. The agitators of the planting channels automatically adjust to the circumstances to ensure precise operation of the planting element at all times. For uneven terrains, the machine can be equipped with sensors that automatically control the depth control function of the soil cultivation machine that is used in combination with the planter.

Anti-erosion kit

Want to prevent the soil from eroding? Using up and down movements, our automatic anti-erosion system creates small bumps in between the ridges, which prevent the soil from being washed away in case of heavy rain.

Easy operation

The Ceres 450 is controlled via a user-friendly, intuitive touchscreen that the operator can use to easily enter parameters and adjust the machine exactly as needed. The Ceres 450 is operated using an ergonomic joystick.

Five work menus display every possible function using clear symbols. The screen can be arranged as desired. The four planting channels always remain visible in the center of the screen, which means they can always be monitored optimally during planting. You can use the terminal in the Ceres 450 to program automatic operations.

Using an additional controller, the AVR machine can also be controlled by a GPS system via ISOBUS. This allows for section control (TC-SC) and variable dosing (TC-Geo). Using ISOBUS-AUX it is also possible to use the tractor’s joystick.

Combinations for every application

Soil cultivation

  • GE-Force
  • Integrated rotary harrow
  • Portal drawbar
    • By adding a portal drawbar, numerous combinations are possible, such as a fixed cultivator tine, a spading cultivator or combinations with a fertilizer distributor, spray kit, etc.


Plant protection & fertilizing

  • Spray kit
  • Granules
  • Powdering unit
  • Row fertilization



  • Tight ridge construction
  • Ploughs & rollers
  • AVR ridging hood 

AVR Connect

Connect your machine to have it yield even better results. The AVR Ceres 450 can be connected using AVR Connect, our digital platform that collects all your planting data and allows you to remotely track machine parameters.


Ceres trailed planters

Specification item Models

Ceres 450
Number of rows 4
Bunker capacity (kg) 3.500 (4x75) or 4.000 (4x90)
Drive Hydraulic
Inter row distance (cm) 75/80/85/90
Plant protect options Granular applicator - Powdering unit - Spray kit - Row fertilization

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Potato planters