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AVR shows new digging unit


AVR has new digging unit

At the Potato Europe in Kain, Belgium, we presented our newest quick-change digging unit. As of 2020, this option will be available on all 2-row trailed AVR harvesters.
The existing digging unit was adapted in such a way that it can be easily dismounted, without having to open the digging web or remove the shear holder separately.
The entire digging unit frame and the digging unit can be removed in no time. To do so, all the user has to do is detach a few mechanical couplings and clamps.


Quick-change digging unit for 2-row harvesters


The included support legs/wheels make it easy to retract or correctly position the digging units (on a hardened substrate).
In its place a digging unit frame with onion unit can be mounted, for instance. This is an onion unit with foam-rubber roller (available in sizes 900mm and 1200mm depending on swath width). This roller helps the onions into the machine and closes off the digging unit at the same time when lifting.


The AVR onion unit has also received a few minor updates:


  • depth control by means of skis can be supplemented with depth-adjustable wheels (mechanically adjustable in depth).
  • the range of the roller has been adapted to higher capacities.


Via the link, you can watch our pictures and the movie! 

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