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Puma 3

Puma 3



Spectacular performance, gentle potato treatment

The AVR Puma 3 demonstrates the series superiority on the market of self-propelled four-row harvesters. This hypermodern harvester is efficiency at its best and lifts harvesting to the next level with its large and flexible cleaning capacity, high maneuverability and maximum potato friendliness.

Ensure an optimal use of your Puma 3! The digging unit can be converted for harvesting carrots or picking up onions.

Impressive flexibility

The Puma 3 can optionally be fitted with the patented Varioweb module. This cleaning module is a combination of a pintlebelt and an axial roller set. The cleaning intensity can be adjusted continuously, and what’s more, the axial roller set can even be removed from the potato flow if little cleaning is required. With the Varioweb, the user can adapt the cleaning level to suit the harvesting conditions.

Specification item Technical details

Puma 3
Rows 4
Inter row distance (cm) 75 or 90
Dimensions (l x w x h in m) 15.45 x 3.5 x 4.0
Weight (kg) 23.500
Bunker capacity (tons) 8
Maximum discharge height -
Power (hp) 469
Drive Hydraulic
Offset/in-line -
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