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A harvester with character

The Esprit features a number of sophisticated solutions that avoid a lot of harvesting issues. In addition, the Esprit harvester has an advanced elevator with active side walls and the machine is completely modular in assembly.


  • Less damage thanks to a lower fall height.
  • Less damage thanks to less contact with metal.
  • Higher filling factor.

Benefits of offset harvesting

In certain circumstances, the drawbar can simply be moved hydraulically which results in an off-set harvester. Subsequently, the tractor can be equipped with wider tires. The benefits become clear very quickly:

  • more traction and less tracking depth due to the wide tires,
  • the ridges are no longer damaged due to the fact that the tractor no longer drives through it,
  • the soil is no longer compacted by the harvester so that the sievability remains intact.

The steering problem that would occur because the tractor has to drive next to the ridges is solved by the automatic steering system that takes over control completely. The machine can be controlled and operated perfectly without jeopardizing the ergonomics.

Specification item Technical details

Rows 2
Inter row distance (cm) 75 or 90
Dimensions (l x w x h in m) 9.00 x 3.30 x 3.80
Weight (kg) from 6.250
Bunker capacity (tons) no bunker
Maximum discharge height (m) from 0 to 3.8
Required power (hp) -
Drive Mechanic
Offset/in-line Offset & in-line
Oil flow (on 180 bar) (l/min) 50
Specification item Strengths

Specification item Modular

Specification item Standard equipment

Specification item Options

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