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Belt elevator

Belt elevator

Crop handling


The AVR CTK can be used for numerous transporter operations. Its high capacity and length make it perfectly suitable for swiftly and efficiently loading trucks or discarting soil in combination with your receiving hopper.

All AVR transporters are equipped with V-shaped high-chevron belts (running side walls) that cover the frame parts, which offers two advantages. The capacity is significantly higher because more product remains on the belt, and thanks to the V-shape, the product never comes into contact with the frame parts. This makes sure the product is never damaged and ensures a high quality. At the conveyor belt’s outlet side, the machine is equipped with an adjustable swan neck. This ensures that the drop height can be limited to a minimum and prevents product damage.


All of our crop handling and storage equipment is manufactured in our production facility in Veendam (The Netherlands). Click here for a look behind the scenes.

Specification item Strengths

Specification item Models

CTK 1050/85
Feed height max. (straight, in m) 5.50
Delivery height min. (m) 1.10
Entry height (m) 0.95
Overhang angled high (m) 3.80
Overhang straigth low (m) 5.00
Conveyor width (m) 0.80
Conveyor speed (m/min) 30/60
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Crop handling