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Falcon 1800

Falcon 1800

Crop handling


Productvriendelijk, snel, handig

AVR Falcon 1800 garandeert dat uw oogst snel, efficiënt en aardappelvriendelijk ingeschuurd wordt. De machine is in verschillende uitvoeringen verkrijgbaar. De uitgebreide opbouwmogelijkheden en beschikbare opties maken deze stortbunker ideaal voor middelgrote tot grote bedrijven.

Extremely gentle handling of your crop

The Falcon has a wide and easily accessible filling hopper, the entry width is 3.18 metres. The incised filling rubber and the double entry rubbers ensure a good connection between the tipper and the receiving hopper, which prevents product from spilling out.

The solid side walls are mounted to the left and right of the bunker floor, to ensure a large buffer volume. The content of the bunker is 10.9 m³.

The technically powerful machine

Solid bunker floor structure composed of a cloth floor mounted on heavy chains with a tensile strength of around 10 tonnes per chain and the bunker floor has a length of 4.00 metres. Because the Falcon has a robust construction, it is easily accessible for maintenance.

Thanks to the high/wide side wall, the Falcon has a large buffer volume for such a compact bunker. It is hydraulically driven by a hydromotor mounted on the reduction gear unit and the floor speed is continuously adjustable from 0.5 to 6.5 metres per minute.

High capacity and screening intensity

The Falcon 1800 has product-friendly PU-spiral cleaning rollers, the distance between the rollers is adjustable between 5 and 45 mm.

The distance between the bunker floor and the roller set is always 10 mm, independent of the angle of the roller set. In this way, even small potatoes stay in the bunker.

The drop height from bunker floor to roller set is adjustable in combination with the inclination angle of the roller set. The turn axle, mounted to the filling side, can be adjusted and with it you can also tighten the bunker floor. The gear wheels are mounted on the axle and can be replaced separately.

Specification item Strengths

Specification item Model

Falcon 1800 Type
Entry width 3,18 m
Floor length 4,00 m
Capacity Ca. 80 t/h
Floor speed 0,5-6,5 m/min
Width of roller set 1,85 m
Number of rollers 6
Roller distance cleaning 5-45 mm
Standard transport belts 3,00x0,65 m
Volume bunker floor 10,90

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Crop handling